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EDW-P™ Welded Fender - Ultimate Polyurethane Series

EDW-P™ Welded Fender - Ultimate Polyurethane Series
EDW-P™ Welded Fender - Ultimate Polyurethane Series
Product Details
(Seam to Seam Sizes)
12" dia. x 40" length 30X100 CM
12" dia. x 80" length 30X200 CM
12" dia. x 120" length 30X300 CM
17" dia. x 40" length 42X100 CM
17" dia. x 60" length 42X150 CM
17" dia. x 80" length 42X200 CM
17" dia. x 120" length
42X300 CM
24" dia. x 60" length
60X150 CM
24" dia. x 80" length
60X200 CM
24" dia. x 120" length
60X300 CM
36" dia. x 60" length
90X150 CM
36" dia. x 100" length
36" dia. x 120" length
40" dia. x 58" length
40" dia. x 80" length
40" dia. x 110" length
40" dia. x 166" length
48" dia. x 80" length
48" dia. x 116" length
54" dia. x 166" length
56" dia. x 80" length
60" dia. x 116" length
72" dia. x 82" length
40" diameter round
100 CM
52" diameter round 130 CM
60" diameter round
150 CM
72" diameter round
180 CM
80" diameter round
200 CM

Our new industry-best EDW-P™ welded inflatable fender series. Even greater abrasion resistance, UV resistance and tear strength than our standard series. EDW-P™ series gives even more peace-of-mind with twice the puncture resistance and four times greater abrasion resistance than Hypalon (see chart). It uses 40oz/yd Mil Spec polyurethane coated fabric, cited in U.S. Navy testing* as considerably stronger than 40oz/yd Hypalon for its inflatable surface craft. Add to that better coating adhesion, better air-holding characteristics and especially– an even longer expected service life.

EDW-P™ inflatable fenders are available for fast shipping in all listed sizes to match most needs and custom sizes are available in short turnaround time. Inflation/deflation only takes moments with our available accessory pump.

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