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EDW™ PVC Welded Fender Standard Series

EDW™ PVC Welded Fender Standard Series
EDW™ PVC Welded Fender Standard Series
Product Details
(End to End Sizes)
12" dia. x 26" length
25X66 CM
12" dia. x 42" length 30X107 CM
12" dia. x 58" length 30X147 CM
12" dia. x 60" length 30X152 CM
12" dia. x 72" length 30X186 CM
12" dia. x 96" length 30X244 CM
12" dia. x 120" length 30X305 CM
14" dia. x 36" length
35.5X92 CM
16" dia. x 42" length
40X106 CM
16" dia. x 60" length
40X152 CM
18" dia. x 29" length
46X74 CM
18" dia. x 42" length
46X107 CM
18" dia. x 45" length
46X114 CM
18" dia. x 58" length
46X147 CM
18" dia. x 60" length
46X152 CM
18" dia. x 96" length
46X244 CM
20" dia. x 52" length
50X132 CM
24" dia. x 29" length
61X74 CM
24" dia. x 42" length
61X107 CM
24" dia. x 48" length
61X122 CM
24" dia. x 58" length
61X147 CM
24" dia. x 66" length
61X168 CM
24" dia. x 96" length
61X244 CM
24" dia. x 120" length
61X305 CM
26" dia. x 65" length 66X165 CM
36" dia. x 48" length
91X122 CM
36" dia. x 72" length
36" dia. x 75" length
36" dia. x 84" length
36" dia. x 120" length
36" dia. x 168" length
48" dia. x 60" length
48" dia. x 72" length
48" dia. x 120" length
48" dia. x 240" length
28" diameter round
38" diameter round  
48" diameter round
58" diameter round
Megafend EDW™ Welded Inflatable Fender • Extreme Duty Series — Light-in-weight, easily inflated, easily stowed in minimal space. EDW™ inflatable fenders are made for extreme duty, designed-in performance that can only be achieved by "new-gen" materials and our state-of-the-art welded construction techniques—no glue. Many thousands are in use without a single failure. Available in all popular industry sizes to match most needs and custom sizes are made to order. Available in black, grey and navy colors. Inflation/deflation only takes moments with our available accessory pump.

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