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New from Megafend!
Megafend now manufactures fender hooks in Carbon Fiber for a lighter yet strong fender hook. Click the image on the left for a larger image.

Megafend fender hook and special purpose hooks are custom hand-crafted to fit the rail profile of your yacht. Each assures perfect protection from line wear on varnished, painted, or stainless hand rails and suspended fender lines remain clear of yacht surfaces. Core structure is quality 316 stainless steel plate, precisely formed.

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Most styles feature a soft sheep wool/skin liner covering the core’s underside. The outside is covered in exclusive premium grade maintenance-free, NEVER OIL leather in popular marine colors.

The coverings are beautifully stitched together for a superb look without any sharp edges. Hardware choices include custom D-rings, box-rings, cam cleats, stainless fairleads, threadless fairleads, spreader bars and rod holders among others.

Many designs and hardware accessories are exclusive Megafend designs and PATENTED.

All of our fender hooks are built to exceed your rigorous criteria for superyacht mooring protection.

Maintenance-free leather colors: brown, black, blue and green. Fender hooks shown are typical configurations. Shape & hardware are configured to your exact needs.

Never-Oil Leather

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New from Megafend!

Megafend introduces the new Bulwark Door Stopper specifically designed for mega yachts. The easy to use and store Door Stopper keeps a door in place and protects painted and varnished surfaces.
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Download PDF Download the Megafend Fender Hook Template Instructions.

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