Custom Specialty Hooks

Custom handcrafted to securely fit the rail or bulwark profile of your mega/superyacht. Styles are available to hold rods, mooring whips, stand-up paddle boards, security lighting, shore line cradles and more. Tell us your need and we’ll create the hook configuration to make it happen.


Core structure for Megafend units is available in your choice of 316 stainless-steel or our exclusive lighter-in-weight carbon fiber core, each artfully formed without sharp edges. Both are solidly strong to exceed your rigorous criteria. Most styles have the underside covered with a super soft sheepskin. Outsides are covered with premium grade maintenance-free (NEVER-OIL) leather in beautiful marine colors. The coverings are stitched together for a richly detailed look. Carbon fiber models are available with decorative overlay, overlay with glistening clear-coat, an elegant teak overlay with clear-coat, or in maintenance-free leather covering. Hardware is quality 316 stainless, polished or powder-coated in a range of colors. Brilliant anodized finishes are also available.


Maintenance-free leathers are available in brown, black, green, blue and white.


We fulfill the time honored statement of "I wish someone would make —."  We listen, we visualize, then we create. The result is exceptional custom handcrafted products to make that special task a lot easier and more efficient for crew members. In some cases we apply new materials to create a superior product, in others we may adapt an existing product to meet an all-new task, or we may start from scratch.

Megafend products in the Special Task category currently are:


Online ordering, continental U.S. only. International Customers, please call Megafend and mention our website, in order to receive 25% off of your order!