Mega-Vision™ Portable/Security Lighting

A melding of traditional Megafend rail hook expertise and Sea Vision lighting fixtures together, providing portable illumination and security lighting for megayachts. It’s auxiliary lighting when and where its needed, at the dock or on anchor. Guest and owner’s security and privacy are enhanced by the anti-paparazzi features. With Mega-Vision™ deployed high and above areas of guest traffic and exterior windows, the lights can be directed to shine down and out to deter prying eyes and digital cameras from seeing or recording inside and outside your yacht. Keep your boarding areas well lit and secure with Mega-Vision™ Portable/Security Lighting!

  • Units feature compact Xenon lamp with integrated x-Powerpack ballast for 2.5x the light intensity of a 55w Halogen bulb.
  •  Fiberglass reinforced HD plastic, watertight, protected against EMC interference.
  • Adjustable bracket for aiming light beam.
  • Available in 12V or 24V units. Approx. service life is 2400-hours.
  • Aluminum long service life LED units are available as an option.

Click to view the PDF file for complete light unit specs and options. (PDF download)

Online ordering, continental U.S. only. International Customers, please call Megafend and mention our website, in order to receive 25% off of your order!