EDW™ Welded Inflatable Fenders

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It's your choice. Our new industry-best EDW-P fenders or our original superb quality EDW™ standard line. Each has designed-in performance that can only be achieved by our RF thermo-welded seam and end cap bonds — never glued! Both styles feature "hanger loops" at both ends, precise computer-cut panels and superior grade valve assemblies RF thermo-welded to shape, fusing overlaps into bonds stronger than the material itself and we do it all in-house.


EDW™ and EDW-P™ welded inflatable fenders have superior abrasion resistance, UV resistance and tear strength... gaining high puncture resistance over competing materials and deliver years of longer-lasting service. All are light-in-weight, easily inflated, easily stowed in minimal space.


And now, innovation again. Our NEW POLYURETHANE coated fabric version with twice the puncture resistance and four times greater abrasion resistance than Hypalon or PVC. It uses 40oz/yd Mil Spec polyurethane coated fabric, cited in U.S. Navy testing* as considerably stronger than 40oz/yd Hypalon for its inflatable surface craft. Add to that better coating adhesion, better air-holding characteristics and especially– an even longer expected service life. Contact Megafend for pricing on new EDW-P.


EDW™ and EDW-P™ inflatable fenders are in-stock in popular sizes to match most needs, including patent pending round styles. Contact Megafend for pricing on new EDW-P. All other industry sizes are available, built to your order, including custom sizes in short turnaround time. Black is standard and color choices are available. Inflation or deflation only takes moments with our available accessory pump. Beautiful FenderCoat™ accessory covers are available in wet-suit style neoprene or 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric in a range of colors. All Megafend products are backed by our peace-of-mind performance warranty.

Megafend EDW™ Welded Inflatable Fenders
— truly World Class!

EDW1026 – 10" dia x 26" length
EDW1436 – 14" dia x 36" length
EDW1660 – 16" dia x 60" length
EDW1845 – 18" dia x 45" length
EDW2052 – 20" dia x 52" length
EDW2448 – 24" dia x 48" length
EDW2458 – 24" dia x 58" length
EDW2665 – 26" dia x 65" length
EDW3648 – 36" dia x 48" length
EDW3675 – 36" dia x 75" length
EDW2828 – 28" diameter round
EDW3838 – 38" diameter round
EDW4848 – 48" diameter round
EDW5858 – 58" diameter round

Built with integrity in the USA by skilled Megafend craftspeople!


Online ordering, continental U.S. only. International Customers, please call Megafend and mention our website, in order to receive 25% off of your order!